Were You Hit By A Car While On Foot?

The dangers to New York pedestrians are increasing. By nature, the collision of a car, taxi, truck or bus with a pedestrian is catastrophic. Depending on the circumstances and condition of the pedestrian, injuries can be life-threatening or fatal.

On almost every street, some drivers are in a hurry, and others are distracted by cellphones, radio or texting. The motorist is almost never injured in a pedestrian accident, and has little fear of it while driving. Carelessness and negligence result in serious injuries to pedestrians every day.

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If you were hit by a car or truck while walking or jogging in Greater New York City, an experienced personal injury lawyer can hold the negligent driver — and his or her insurance company — accountable for what happened to you physically, financially and emotionally.

This is what we do, every day, at Greenspan & Greenspan — for more than 50 years a friend and champion of the rights of injured persons. And no person is more vulnerable to injury than a pedestrian walking, jogging, pushing a baby stroller, moving through a crosswalk or crossing at a stoplight.

More Than 50 Years Of Experience Protecting The Rights Of New Yorkers

Children are disproportionately victims because they lack experience maneuvering carefully when traffic is approaching. The elderly are more frequently victims of severe injury such as broken hips, head trauma and spinal cord injury.

Greenspan & Greenspan is here to serve injured victims of pedestrian knockdowns and other accidents. We have offices on either side of the Hudson. If you are unable to visit one of our offices, we will be glad to come to your hospital room or home to discuss your options.

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If you have lost a loved one or been injured as a pedestrian, we want to help ensure you receive all the monetary compensation you can to recoup lost wages and medical bills, and reflect your pain and suffering. We accept accident claims on a contingency fee basis. You pay us nothing upfront. We charge no attorney's fee unless we obtain compensation for you through settlement or trial. If we don't win, you don't pay us an attorney's fee — it's that simple.

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