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June 2013 Archives

California Woman Sexually Assaulted at Foreign Resort Can Have her day in a Florida Court

    Foreign Resorts present special hazards for American tourists. People have sustained life threatening injuries or death on a water trampoline or have otherwise been injured due to unsafe conditions caused by the negligence of a foreign resort.  Shamefully, Americans have even been sexually assaulted by resort personnel and have faced barrier after barrier to obtaining justice in state and federal courts in the U.S.  Lawsuits have been dismissed without ever reaching the merits and injured person's claim.

Buyer's Agents Have No Duty To Disclose.....

Was your home built before 1980? It may have a hidden problem that will prevent you from selling! Lead-Based paint is a well known hazard to the health of children and to pregnant women that was used extensively in pre-1980 homes. Exposure to such paint can lead to lead poisoning.

Another reason why having the right Lawyer and Broker is Critical when Buying Real Estate

The building in Brooklyn was beautiful. It commanded a hefty price - 3.2 million dollars. The people buying this property hired a buyer's agent and presumably, hired a real estate lawyer to handle the closing. In a transaction involving this amount of money, one would think that the agent and lawyer would be very careful to make sure there were no hidden problems - little things like say, an easement forever prohibiting the owner from making any changes to the building's facade without the express written consent of the National Architectural Trust, Inc. Unfortunately, either the agent, the lawyer, or both missed this little detail and when it came the purchaser's attention later on, one would imagine that the purchaser was none too happy.