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November 2014 Archives

Thanksgiving Holiday Drunk Driving Patrols

Thinking of going out with old friends to a bar to celebrate this holiday weekend?  If so, be aware that the New York State Police will be hitting the roadways across the state along with you with increased patrols searching for motorists driving drunk as well as for speeders and distracted drivers.

Fatal Car Accidents

Fatal car accidents are occurring at an alarming rate in New York as we discussed in our previous blog entry. Unfortunately, we have another example in Westchester County to illustrate this point. 

The Fatal Car Accident Hearing in New York- Part I

Car accidents can all too often result in the death of a pedestrian or fellow motorist. Tragically, this nightmare scenario occurred an astounding 1109 times in New York in 2013 resulting in the deaths of 1188 people according to statistics released by the New York State Dept. of Motor Vehicles.