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DMV Examiner injured in a Car Accident can sue

Obtaining a driver's license is a right of passage.  The nervous teen driver appears at the road test location and the DMV employee gets into the car to administer the exam.  Usually, the test concludes uneventfully.  The applicant either passes or fails the exam and at worst, leaves with a bruised ego.  No one gets hurt, but what happens if the test goes terribly wrong and the DMV employee is injured in a car accident?

I was hit in the Rear waiting at a Red light. Do I have a case?

Car accidents.  We were asked to evaluate a potential case in an all too frequent scenario. A potential client was stopped at a red light when the client's car was struck in the rear.  The individual sustained shoulder and back injuries and may require surgery.  Here is our analysis of the potential case.

Passengers, Pedestrians and No Fault Benefits in New York

Motor vehicle passengers injured in car accidents in New York can usually expect to have no fault benefits paid by the vehicle's insurer.  Unfortunately, there are exceptions as we discuss here in Part III of our series on New York no fault benefits.