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Our brain injury lawyer White Plains, NY recommends has witnessed the incredible impact that a brain injury can have on a victim. While victims can sustain brain injuries in several different ways, sometimes, such a blow to the head may disorient the victim. At times, they may even be unaware of the severity of which they have been injured. Recognizing signs of a brain injury can ensure that proper medical treatment is administered. Medical care in the wake of a brain injury is imperative not only for your overall health and well-being but also in the event you choose to pursue a legal claim. We know that the road ahead is sure to be full of challenges and, by scheduling a consultation with Greenspan & Greenspan P.C., you can have your case reviewed and questions answered. 

Identifying a Brain Injury

After an accident, you may be unsure of whether you have a brain injury. Symptoms may be present in a variety of ways and, in some cases, you may not realize that you have a brain injury until later down the road. If you experience any of the following symptoms, you could have a brain injury and should reach out to a medical professional as soon as possible: 

  • Headaches
  • Vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Memory Loss
  • Losing Consciousness
  • Seizures
  • Dilated Pupils
  • Slurred Speech
  • Mental Confusion

When your health is at risk, you should never prioritize other things. If you believe you have a brain injury, you must seek care from a doctor. They will be able to properly diagnose and treat injuries to ensure that no further damage is done. 

Reasons Medical Care is Imperative

When a person has suspected head injuries, they must pursue medical treatment. Brain injuries can be severe, even impacting a person’s functioning for the long term. The onset of symptoms may occur immediately but know that they may not become present for hours or even days after the accident in some situations. Our White Plains, New York brain injury lawyers stress the importance of receiving medical treatment because: 

  1. The injury may be more severe than you realize, and prompt medical treatment is imperative. Seeing a doctor ensures that your injury is properly diagnosed and treated and that any underlying injuries are identified. 
  2. If your injury resulted from someone negligent, you might be able to take legal action. However, be aware that one critical component to successful personal injury cases is the plaintiff’s ability to prove that their injuries resulted from the accident. Because of this, the medical documentation produced when you seek medical care plays a crucial role in proving your case. 

Accident victims should never ignore possible brain injuries. Prompt treatment can mitigate further damage or ensure that you receive the care you need. Remember, brain injuries can leave a lasting impact on victims, and treatment will be critical. 

Why Contact a Law Firm After a Traumatic Brain Injury

It’s not easy to know what steps to take following a traumatic brain injury or any type of traumatic experience. Accidents and injuries often leave people feeling confused, stressed and afraid of making mistakes. At Greenspan & Greenspan, PC, you will find caring, experienced legal professionals who can help with your case right away. There are several benefits you can receive from contacting a brain injury lawyer in White Plains, NY, right away.

Our Law Firm Can Explain the Right Steps To Take

One of the first things a brain injury lawyer in White Plains, NY, does is sit down with you or a family member to discuss your case. This free consultation is an excellent opportunity to ask questions. We can help you know what to do next:

  • What legal avenues of compensation are available to you
  • Who you can take to court for your injuries
  • How you can cover your medical expenses in the meantime
  • How much you should expect a settlement for

Even Minor Brain Injuries Can Affect Your Quality of Life

Many people base the compensation they believe they deserve on how they feel. This is a mistake because minor TBIs can still have an enormous effect on your health and happiness. Symptoms may not appear right away, and once you’ve signed on the dotted line for a settlement, it’s too late to change your mind. Having a brain injury lawyer in White Plains, NY, by your side can help you avoid making rushed decisions.

Your lawyer can help you calculate how much compensation you and your family need to care for medical expenses now and down the road. Our team at Greenspan & Greenspan, PC can also advise you on other types of damages you may sue for, such as defective products, loss of work abilities, lost income, emotional suffering, physical pain and other damages.

Insurance Companies May Try To Deny Your Claim

As hard as it is to hear, you should know that insurers sometimes deny claims even when you meet all the requirements for compensation. They may believe that you’re going to give up or accept a low offer. When a brain injury lawyer in White Plains, NY, is representing you, insurers tend to take your claims more seriously.

If push comes to shove, we’re fully qualified to take your case to court. We can handle evidence gathering, interview witnesses and represent you so you don’t have to worry about these details.

 3 Consequences of a Brain Injury

A brain injury is most commonly caused by a bump or blow to the head and can result in many short-term and long-term consequences. Falls, sports-related concussions, and motor vehicle accidents are three ways that people acquire traumatic brain injuries. If your concussion was due to the negligence of someone else, it might be necessary to contact a brain injury lawyer in White Plains, NY, such as one at Greenspan & Greenspan, PC, to see if you can receive financial compensation for medical treatment and time taken off from work. Here are three consequences of a brain injury.

1. Headache

One of the most common side effects of a brain injury is headache, caused by force sustained by the head. For mild injuries, headaches usually only last for a short period and should cease after the brain is healed. For more severe head injuries, headaches might be a long-term consequence that a person will have to manage for years to come. Common types of headaches include:

  • Cervicogenic headaches, which are due to the injury of neck muscles and tissues and originate in the neck and shoulders
  • Tension headaches, which are characterized by a squeezing sensation around the head 
  • Migraine headaches, which include symptoms of nausea, sensitivity to light, and visual auras

If severe headaches lead you to miss work or seek medical treatment, see if a brain injury lawyer in White Plains, NY, can help you.

2. Memory Loss

If you have suffered from a moderate to severe brain injury, memory loss might be one of the consequences of your injury. Memory loss can display as amnesia or the inability to retain new facts and information. Some therapies may help you get your memory back after a concussion, and attorneys like the ones at Greenspan & Greenspan, PC, may be able to help people seek a settlement to help pay for this therapy. 

3. Speech Difficulties

Damage to the brain can also lead to difficulty with speech. Two speech disorders that can result from a traumatic brain injury are dysarthria and dyspraxia of speech, and the symptoms may range from mild to severe. 

If you have suffered from any of these consequences due to a brain injury where somebody else was at fault, a brain injury lawyer in White Plains, NY, might be able to help you. Brain injuries are serious, and you should seek medical attention right away in the event that you sustain one. 

When To Contact a Brain Injury Attorney

The Insurance Company Contacts You

Whether you receive a phone call or a claim denial, you need a brain injury lawyer in White Plains, NY. These professionals understand how insurance companies work. They know that these companies are for-profit organizations whose primary goal is to make money, not pay it out in claims. Therefore, they understand that insurance companies will either outright deny your claim or will try to settle it for as little as possible.

Therefore, if you receive contact or a settlement offer, do not sign anything. Instead, contact a reputable firm, such as Greenspan & Greenspan, PC, to look over your case and determine whether the settlement is appropriate. Then, your attorneys can get to work on your case, negotiating or preparing for trial. They will also guide you in your next action and discuss their legal strategy with you.

You Have More Severe Injuries Than You Initially Thought

During and after an accident, you may not feel the extent of your injuries, and your initial doctor’s visit may not find all the damages. Physical damages, such as broken bones, are typically found right away, but brain injuries may not be found during your first hospital visit. Initially, doctors check your consciousness, responses to sound, information processing and short- and long-term memory. They may also check for swelling or bleeding in your brain.

However, you may experience microtraumas, which are difficult to find on common tests. Therefore, watch for mood swings, vision impairments, depression, fatigue, vertigo, sensitivity to light or sound, slurred speech, numbness or personality changes.

The lack of testing for these types of microtraumas may result in an undervaluation of your case. An experienced attorney, such as those at Greenspan & Greenspan, PC, can help you determine the impact that these microtraumas can have on your life.

You Don’t Know What Your Case Is Worth

Damages can be difficult to calculate. For example, you may still not be working by the time your case goes to trial, and you may not know how long you will still be out of work after the trial, but it is difficult to calculate how long you will be out of work or how much your retraining may cost. When you add in past and future medical costs, punitive damages and other rehabilitation services, you may feel like you are drowning in numbers.

 However, when you hire an experienced brain injury lawyer in White Plains, NY, you have an advocate who understands all these figures and how to estimate how much you will need to fully recover from the accident. 

Schedule a Consultation

In the wake of your accident, after you have received the necessary medical treatment, consider scheduling a consultation with Greenspan & Greenspan, P.C. A consultation with our team can provide several benefits to prospective clients. You will have the opportunity to have your case reviewed by a professional and then decide how best to move forward. For more information, schedule a consultation with our White Plains, NY brain injury lawyer.

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