Representing Those Impacted By Crane Accidents On Construction Sites


Cranes are incredibly large and heavy pieces of moving equipment that can cause serious destruction to both people and property when used incorrectly. The proper use of cranes on New York construction sites is essential, especially on high-rise construction projects common in metro areas. Cranes are often used for the important task of moving equipment to high levels in a building.

Operating a crane requires precision, and even a small mistake or small miscalculation can cause fatal or grave injuries. If you are the victim of an incident involving a crane on a construction site, we can help. The father-son legal team at Greenspan & Greenspan P.C. helps victims of construction site injuries and grieving families understand their options. We can help you navigate the aftermath of your accident and seek compensation through a third-party claim.

What Causes Crane Accidents?

After a construction site accident involving a crane, our experienced lawyers will carefully review what happened. As skilled construction accident litigators, we can identify the factors that played a role in your incident and help you move forward with the appropriate course of action. You may have grounds for a third-party civil claim if any of the following led to your injuries:

  • Miscommunication between members of the crane operation team
  • Miscalculation of distance or timing
  • Defective equipment or faulty component parts of the crane

It is possible that in addition to your workers’ compensation insurance claim, you may be able to seek additional legal recourse through a third-party claim against a subcontractor, crane manufacturer or another liable party.

We help injured construction workers in Westchester and Rockland counties pick up the pieces after crane accidents on construction sites. Our lawyers will help you fight for what you need for financial stability both now and well into the future.

An Ally For Injured New York Construction Workers

Were you hurt in a crane accident on a New York construction site? Contact Greenspan & Greenspan P.C. in White Plains today to work with a lawyer committed to your full and fair recovery. We take an aggressive approach to each case, and complex claims do not intimidate us. We also work with undocumented workers. Call 914-290-4403 or email us for an appointment for a no-cost, no-obligation evaluation of your case. Hablamos Español.

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