Driver's License Suspension


Any New York conviction for DWI or DWAI-Drugs will result in a revocation of the driver’s license. The questions are: for how long, and what do you need to do to get it back? The length of a driver’s license revocation can vary a great deal according to several factors. These include the specific drunk driving offense charged, prior DWI or DWAI convictions, aggravating factors in the present case, or even the age of the driver arrested.

DMV Hearings On Driver’s License Suspension Issues

To find out how you can protect your driver’s license or at least limit the length of a revocation to the shortest possible period, contact an experienced White Plains attorney for driver’s license suspension at Greenspan & Greenspan P.C. in White Plains or New City. Our law firm has counseled DWI defendants about the legal and practical aspects of drunk driving arrests since 1959. We offer dependable advice and vigorous advocacy on the driver’s license protection issues you’ll face while we’re defending you on the criminal charges.

The sooner you engage a defense attorney to advise you about your options, the better off you will be. In some situations, the DMV hearing presents a good opportunity to develop important evidence on disputed issues of fact that could help you in the criminal case.

Our experience with DWI defense and driver’s license suspension and revocation issues in Westchester and Rockland counties can help you protect your interest in maintaining your mobility while avoiding the worst consequences of a conviction.

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To learn about your options on the driver’s license suspension or revocation issues that apply to your case, contact us in White Plains or New City for a free case evaluation. Call 914-290-4403.

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