DWI Offenses


The defense attorneys of Greenspan & Greenspan P.C. help people charged with drunk driving understand just what they’re facing with respect to any specific charge in Westchester County or Rockland County and how we can help.

Are You Looking For DWI Defense?

The trend in recent years has been to increase the punishment for New York DWI offenses of all kinds while limiting your opportunities for compromising the original offense charged. Repeat offenses are treated especially harshly. Nevertheless, an experienced lawyer’s advice can go far toward protecting your interests after a drunk driving arrest. Contact us in White Plains or New City to learn what your charges mean in practical terms, and what your best options might be for resolving them.

Charged with a DWI offense in Westchester County? Call 914-290-4403 or 845-617-5404 for a free case evaluation with a White Plains lawyer.

Defending People Charged With Any New York Drunk Driving Offenses

The main objective to DWI defense at Greenspan & Greenspan P.C. is to help our clients minimize their exposure to punishment while working to protect other important interests: family relationships, professional licenses, academic standing or security clearances.

Contact Us — We Know New York DWI Law

Our thorough familiarity with charging practices and court procedures as they differ between and within Westchester and Rockland counties and throughout the lower Hudson Valley can represent an additional advantage for our clients. To learn more about our comprehensive approach to client service in New York DWI defense, contact us in White Plains or New City for a free telephone case evaluation.

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