Out-of-State and Canadian Drivers


Given our location near New York City, and New England, the DWI defense attorneys of Greenspan & Greenspan P.C. represent many drivers from out of state who get arrested while traveling through Westchester County or Rockland County.

Lawyers For Drivers From Other States Arrested For DWI

We also represent Canadian drivers arrested for DWI on the New York State Thruway or other major north-south routes. To learn how our experience with DWI defense in the local courts can help you protect your interests on a New York charge, contact us in White Plains or New City for a free case evaluation. Reach out to our White Plains defense attorneys for out-of-state DWIs.

Skilled Defense For Out-Of-State DWI Clients In Westchester County

An out-of-state DWI, OUI or DUI conviction can have serious consequences for a driver both in the state of the offense and in the state or province where you are licensed. You are exposed to the risk of jail time and fines in the New York courts, but the continuing problems for your driver’s license will follow you home.

The first objective, of course, is to protect you from punishment on the immediate charge. Each case is different. We will evaluate the options for pretrial hearings and for trial. We will also work toward reducing the charges or negotiating sentencing terms to the lightest available sanctions.

We can also take your home state or Canadian driving record into account while negotiating plea terms or assessing the consequences of a conviction. If it appears that you’ll need to undergo treatment or counseling or perform community service, we can seek court permission for you to complete these obligations close to home.

Canadian Driver’s License, But Charged In The U.S.?

The defense lawyers of Greenspan & Greenspan P.C. have represented clients charged with DWI, DWAI and other New York drunk driving offenses since 1959. Contact us in White Plains or New City for a free phone consultation about your defense options.

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