Another driver causes a car accident. You end up in the hospital, where the bills grow higher by the day. You’re also losing money every day since you can’t work. The financial ramifications of the crash are abundantly clear. You know that the crash wasn’t your fault, and you want to hold the other person responsible. To do that, though, you know you’re going to need a lawyer. Isn’t that too expensive? You worry about the risk. You’re already facing a lot of financial hurdles. How can you possibly commit to hiring a lawyer at a time like this, spending money you don’t have? But, if you don’t hire a lawyer, how can you seek the compensation you deserve under the law?

We Don’t Charge Until We Win

It’s a tricky situation, but there is a solution. At our firm, we work on contingency fees for personal injury cases. This means that we agree with you in advance about a percentage of the money that we will take when we win. Once we do, we collect the money out of what you recovered, so you lose nothing out of pocket. You get the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you won’t owe a thing if we don’t win, and you also know that your legal team will have extra incentive to work hard on your behalf. Again, this means that our clients do not owe any upfront costs. It means there is no fee unless we recover money from the other party. You do not have to worry about the costs, and you do not have to give up on seeking the compensation you deserve just because you don’t have the money to pay in advance.

Working With Us

You can see that we put you first when we take on your case. Your needs come first, your case comes first and we always strive to seek optimal results. That’s the type of representation you deserve if you got injured in a car accident.