Lyft Accident Lawyer White Plains, NY

Lyft Accident Lawyer White Plains, NY

Working with a Lyft accident lawyer White Plains, NY, accident victims recommend will be in your best interest if you were injured in a ridesharing accident. We know that as a result, you may be experiencing significant damages and, when contending with injuries, it can be challenging to focus on your legal case. Knowing whether you should reach out to an attorney from Greenspan & Greenspan P.C. can seem like a challenging next step to take. However, by reviewing your case with our team, we can understand your accident and the damages you have suffered. Don’t delay taking the time to search for an area lawyer to support you in the way you deserve. 

When to Call

At the touch of a button, people all over can access ridesharing apps. Whether someone is traveling to another city, doesn’t own a car, or enjoys the convenience of not driving, ridesharing makes it easy to access the services they provide. Ridesharing is far more prevalent in large, densely populated areas but also available in rural settings. Despite this, know that accidents can still occur. Car accidents happen every day, producing devastating results. In some cases, it may be in your best interest to seek legal action. Consider the following signs: 

  • You were injured
  • You required medical treatment
  • You have been approached by an insurance company or lawyer
  • You believe the driver of the rideshare was at fault

Don’t wait before it’s too late. Pursuing a rideshare case doesn’t require you to be the passenger of the rideshare; here are some examples of victims who should contact our White Plains, NY Lyft accident lawyer: 

  •  You were a pedestrian who a driver hit
  • You are a rideshare driver who was injured in an accident
  • You were the passenger of the rideshare
  • You were a driver or passenger who a rideshare driver hit

Losses can be substantial, and undoubtedly the value of your claim will be one thing at the forefront of your mind. Contacting our firm should be one of the first steps. We will review your case by listening to your account of the accident and determine the proper value to assign to your legal case. 

Find a Lawyer to Represent You

Before you take action by contacting a lawyer, it’s crucial to locate one with the experience you require. Chances are, there is much on your plate, especially when contending with significant injuries that require medical treatment and even extensive recovery times. However, by taking the time to conduct a proper search, you can rest assured that you are in the right hands. Consider doing the following: 

  • Ask for recommendations from people you know
  • Choose a lawyer with experience in representing ridesharing cases
  • Conduct online research, read reviews
  • Ask prospective lawyers for references and past outcomes for cases similar to yours
  • Meet with prospective lawyers to ask questions and gain an understanding of their experience

Frequently Asked Questions About Lyft Accidents

How Are Lyft Accidents Different From Other Accidents?

Your lyft accident lawyer in White Plains, NY, may inform you that ridesharing accidents are a bit different from other incidents on the road. Ridesharing apps like Lyft use independent contractors rather than hiring drivers or purchasing cars outright, which can relieve companies like Lyft of some degree of responsibility. If the accident was caused by your rideshare driver, you’ll need plenty of evidence to support liability and damages. Even with proof, the claims process can be complicated because your driver’s standard motor insurance doesn’t cover commercial services like Lyft driving.

What Are Common Causes of Lyft Accidents?

There are several conditions that might cause a ridesharing accident to occur; distracted driving is a major cause of most vehicular accidents, and the use of cell phones and GPS navigators while driving is especially prevalent with Lyft drivers. Other conditions might include severe weather, wet or icy roads, speeding, driver inexperience or even drowsy driving. When working with your lyft accident lawyer in White Plains, NY, be sure to let them know if you noticed any of these conditions around the time of the accident.

What Steps Should You Take After the Accident?

First and foremost, you should file a report with your local police department after you get into an accident. Following this, you’ll need to share contact information with your Lyft driver and anyone else involved in the crash, including other drivers impacted on the road. If you can, try to take pictures of the incident — include shots of the involved vehicles and any damage inflicted on them, traffic signs, stop lights, road conditions, weather conditions and anything else that may have impacted your driver’s performance. Be sure to share any images you capture with Greenspan & Greenspan, PC after you’ve begun the claims process.

Who Is Responsible For the Accident: Lyft or the Driver?

Any lyft accident lawyer in White Plains, NY, will tell you that proving responsibility for a ridesharing collision can be a slippery slope. Ridesharing companies like Lyft usually offer liability insurance to their drivers since standard policies for personal vehicles don’t cover paid services. Because of this additional insurance, the individual driver is likely to be held responsible, and their liability policy is designed to cover damages when driving for money. It can be difficult to prove a rideshare company’s responsibility in an accident, but the professionals at Greenspan & Greenspan, PC are here to help.

Most Common Types of Lyft Accident Injuries

The prevalence of ridesharing apps has created a service that, while convenient, leads to an increased likelihood of injuries resulting from accidents. These injuries range in severity and likelihood, but a few pop up more frequently than others. You should contact a lyft accident lawyer in White Plains, NY, as soon as possible if you have suffered any of the following:

Fractures and Tissue Damage

The sudden blow of a traffic accident can shatter multiple bones in an instant. A surgeon may have to insert pins and rods for more serious fractures, and a compound fracture may require emergency surgery to prevent infection.

Damage to soft tissue such as muscles, tendons and ligaments can also occur, requiring surgery and weeks or months of physical therapy.

Spinal Cord Injuries

A spinal cord injury can result in severe motor function impairment, organ failure and paralysis. In less severe cases, herniated discs and similar issues may lead to surgery and physical therapy, while more extreme scenarios create a lifetime of immobility and healthcare costs.

Due to the potential life-lasting nature of these injuries, they can be the most financially draining, but Greenspan & Greenspan, PC can fight to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

The violent impact of a car crash may have caused you to hit your head on the window, dash, seat or another solid surface in the vehicle. Even if there was no direct impact on the brain, a sudden jolt of the head can cause the brain to rattle around in the skull. Either scenario can result in a concussion, or other longer-lasting traumatic brain injuries (TBI). Chronic impairments that affect motor function, cognition and behavior may occur, depending on the severity and location of the brain damage.

Back and Neck Injuries

The sudden, unnatural jerking motion the body makes in an accident can result in injuries to the back and neck. An often-overlooked injury is whiplash, which can result in memory loss and damage to the ligaments and spinal disc. These injuries can degrade the range of motion and may require extensive physical therapy as well as loss of the ability to work.

Your lyft accident lawyer in White Plains, NY, has seen these injuries repeatedly, and understands the damage they can cause physically, emotionally, and financially.

Whether you suffer from a minor fracture or life-lasting traumatic brain injury, Greenspan & Greenspan, PC can represent your interests.

Searching for a lawyer is a critical component to initiating the legal process. However, we are confident that when conducting your search, you will discover that our firm, Greenspan & Greenspan P.C., is the right fit for you and your case. Accidents can be inconvenient, stressful, and painful, and we want to make the legal process move as smoothly as possible. Learn more about the services we offer by scheduling a complimentary consultation with our White Plains, New York Lyft accident lawyer today!


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