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Our motorcycle accident lawyer White Plains, NY victims depend on during their time of need know that you will be faced with a plethora of questions following an accident. Amidst the recovery process and financial burden, it may be in your best interest to set your sights on the pursuit of a personal injury claim to regain some of what you have lost. When gathering insight into the legal process, it’s best to reach out to the experienced team from Greenspan & Greenspan P.C.. We are prepared to answer your questions and provide guidance over the appropriate measures that victims should take in the wake of what was sure to be a devastating accident. 

How will your team value the compensation I am entitled to after the accident? 

One of the first questions victims often have for our team is the possible compensation they may receive should they take legal action. To ensure the most accurate response to this deeply important question, it’s best to speak with our team about the specifics surrounding your accident. Once we can speak with you about the damages you have faced, we will advise on your cases’ value. Be prepared for your first compensation by providing us with:

  • Your account of the accident
  • Proof of income loss (from missed time away from work)
  • A detailed list of medical bills and any other expenses incurred
  • An outline of treatment recommendations provided by your physician
  • Any additional information you believe to be relevant to your case

How long will it take to resolve my motorcycle accident case?

Our White Plains, NY motorcycle accident lawyer knows that no victim wants to wait a substantial period to recover compensation for the losses they have experienced. This is especially true considering that the losses you are facing likely significantly impact your ability to cover your expenses. The time it takes to resolve accident cases can vary. However, the fastest way to secure compensation is by pursuing a claim with the insurance company first. Our team will submit a demand letter and negotiate a favorable settlement that covers the damages incurred. While we can procure some settlements in as little as a few months, sometimes it can take longer, especially if you and the defendant cannot reach a favorable settlement. At this point, your lawyer may recommend that you pursue litigation, which could take much longer before a resolution is obtained. 

What is the difference between a motorcycle accident claim with the insurance company and a lawsuit? 

It’s essential to have some clarity regarding the difference between an insurance claim and a lawsuit. In most cases, your lawyer will recommend that you first pursue an insurance claim. Sometimes this can be efficient, less time-consuming, and more cost-effective. Sometimes, a lawsuit may be more appropriate when parties cannot settle the claims process. While a lawsuit can yield high compensation, the court will ultimately decide whether you are entitled to damages. As a result, there is a risk that victims could walk away empty-handed. 

How Can I Prepare for a Motorcycle Accident Claim?

There are several things you can do to strengthen your case for a motorcycle accident claim. At Greenspan & Greenspan, PC, our legal professionals can help you take the right actions and avoid common mistakes. Here are several tips for getting your case ready.

1. Call the Police

The other driver may pressure you not to call the police. He or she may even offer you money not to file a claim. Do not accept any kind of payment or admit fault. Contact the police right away and get the help of a motorcycle accident lawyer in White Plains, NY, as soon as possible.

This is important for several reasons. First, a police report is powerful evidence of fault or negligence if you decide to file a lawsuit. Second, the other driver may try to sue you in the future unless you have a signed settlement.

2. Take Photos of the Scene

Gather as much evidence of the accident as possible. This can help both with your insurance claim and any lawsuits you file. Take pictures of your motorcycle, the place where the accident happened, the other vehicle, the other driver’s contact information and anything else you think is relevant to your case.

The more information you document, the stronger a case your motorcycle accident lawyer in White Plains, NY, can build later. For example, our team at Greenspan & Greenspan, PC, can interview eyewitnesses if you wrote down their contact details or at least their names.

3. Don’t Give Up

A common mistake some riders make is settling for a low offer because they believe they caused the accident. The truth is that both vehicles in an accident often share part of the blame. Even if you were partly responsible, you can still qualify for a significant settlement from insurance companies or take other drivers to court.

If you win your case, the total damages awarded are simply calculated based on the percentage of fault belonging to the other party. Always contact a motorcycle accident lawyer in White Plains, NY, to see how strong your case is and what type of compensation you may expect.

4. Don’t Talk to the Other Insurance Company on Your Own

Make sure to have a motorcycle accident lawyer in White Plains, NY, by your side when negotiating with the other driver’s insurance company. Otherwise, the insurer may try to trick you into admitting fault or accepting a lower offer than you deserve. Refer any questions to your lawyer instead.

Motorcycle Accident? What to Do (and Not to Do)

The popular public image of motorcyclists has been shaped by Hollywood films such as The Wild Ones and Easy Rider. Despite these images, the truth is that most motorcyclists are cautious and law-abiding when operating their machines.  

They are also vulnerable. Unless truck and automobile drivers are paying careful attention to the traffic around them, they don’t see motorcyclists until it is too late. If a motorcycle accident is not fatal, chances are high that the rider(s) will be left with permanent, disabling injuries. This is why they need representation from an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer in White Plains, NY, should the worst happen. 

If You are Injured in a Motorcycle Accident

If you survive the impact and are still mobile, your first legal responsibility is to call 911 and render aid to any other victims as far as you are able. The next step is to get contact and insurance information for everyone involved, including witnesses. 

Remember that the “right to remain silent” applies to civil litigation as well as criminal law. The defense may use anything you say in order to undermine your case. You can be sure that insurance adjusters will be conducting interviews, so do not give them anything they can use. Do not even give the police any more information than the law requires. Speak only to a motorcycle accident lawyer in White Plains, NY. 

During Your Recovery

Wrong as it may seem, insurance companies are not above sending adjusters to visit accident victims while they are still recovering in the hospital. Remember that insurers are always looking for ways to minimize the amount they may have to pay out in a claim. One way to do this is to visit victims when they are vulnerable and pressure them into signing away their rights to full compensation. 

Do not sign any document an insurance company representative may present to you until a motorcycle accident lawyer in White Plains, NY has had the opportunity to examine it. An attorney will advise you as to whether or not it is a fair settlement. 

Do Your Part

In addition to medical and rehabilitation costs, you can recover economic losses such as the inability to work and lost wages as well as non-economic losses (i.e., pain and suffering). The more documentation you provide, the more support your motorcycle lawyer in White Plains, NY will have in negotiating a fair settlement.

How Can a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Help Me?

Do you really need a motorcycle accident lawyer in White Plains, NY?  If you’ve been injured as a result of someone’s negligence, bad driving, or other circumstances beyond your control, there’s a good chance that you do. Seeking payment or a settlement on your own from the guilty party is not a wise idea. It’s also unlikely that you will get the full amount you need, especially if expenses and complications continue to arise in the future. A good motorcycle accident lawyer, like those at Greenspan & Greenspan, PC, can offer a variety of helpful services so that you can be on your way to getting the compensation you need.

Explanation of Your Options

Dealing with the aftermath of a motorcycle accident can be extremely overwhelming, especially while trying to recover from painful or debilitating injuries. What type of legal action can you take and what should you pursue at this time? Will you need to go to court? Against whom should you actually press charges? A motorcycle accident lawyer in White Plains, NY can explain all of your options to you so that together, you can form a sound plan for moving forward.

Helping You Build Your Case

There are a lot of details and hard work that go into building a sound case for a motorcycle accident lawsuit. Interviews, photographs, and meticulous record-keeping are just some of the tasks that are required. Fortunately, your lawyer can help take care of these elements and build a strong case. Greenspan & Greenspan, PC is committed to helping every client feel the peace of mind that comes from knowing their lawyer is working with precision and determination.

Offering Legal and Practical Advice

Throughout the process, there’s a good chance you’ll have plenty of questions about what to do next. A good motorcycle accident lawyer in White Plains, NY can offer guidance on not only legal action but on practical matters surrounding your accident as well. If you need advice on how to handle repairs to your property, scheduling medical appointments, and how to handle billing in the process, your lawyer can help.

Legal Representation in Court

Will you have to go to court for your case? This depends on your situation and how it progresses; every case is unique. Many lawsuits are settled outside of the courtroom. However, if this step becomes necessary, your motorcycle accident lawyer will represent you in court. This can alleviate an immense amount of unnecessary planning and stress on your part, so you can focus more on your recovery.

There are many ways that a motorcycle accident can occur. In some cases, every safety precaution taken may be ineffective, especially if another driver was at fault for the accident. Motorcycle enthusiasts have very little to protect themselves should a collision occur. They may even find themselves facing direct impact, with nothing between themselves and the other vehicle to mitigate damages. The losses are sure to be significant, and Greenspan & Greenspan P.C. should be one of your first contacts in the wake of such an accident. Allow our motorcycle accident lawyer in White Plain, New York, to advise you over the best course of action- call today. 

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