Despite the prevalence of taxicabs and a relatively wide-reaching public transit system, many New Yorkers depend on their own two feet to get them where they need to go. In fact, New Yorkers walk more than people in any other state, even California! Walking is a big part of the New York lifestyle, and most pedestrians are eager and quick to assert their right of way when sharing the road with vehicles. Unfortunately, it appears that walking on the roads in New York City has become more dangerous than usual over the last few years.

Crash Data Points To Increasing Pedestrian Fatalities

According to a review of traffic fatalities by the New York Times, there were 28 confirmed cyclist deaths just in New York City in 2019, while an additional 124 pedestrians lost their lives to traffic accidents. After a brief downturn in both forms of traffic fatalities in previous years, 2019 saw a surge that 2020 looks primed to surpass. While you might think that pedestrians themselves are to blame for this rise in fatalities, researchers point to more aggressive driving habits. The cause of many of these accidents involved drivers who weren’t paying attention, drivers who didn’t properly yield to pedestrians and drivers who were simply careless. Less than 5% of the pedestrian and bicycle crashes had cause attributed to the cyclist or pedestrian.

The Rights Of A Pedestrian After A Car Accident

Is theory, New York pedestrian accidents result in insurance coverage for the victim thanks to mandatory liability insurance for motor vehicles. However, careful negotiations and evaluation are often necessary to protect injured pedestrians from aggressive insurance tactics even in straightforward cases. Additionally, there are some people who will wind up hurt in a crash caused by a driver without much insurance or possibly with a lapsed policy. When a driver without insurance causes a crash, the victim may have very few options for compensation other than a personal injury lawsuit. The same is true for a crash with permanent implications for someone’s earning potential. Looking at the evidence from your accident, including the police report, is often a starting point for those seeking compensation after a pedestrian accident takes place.