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Have you received a ticket for speeding or any other moving violation on the streets and highways of Westchester or Rockland County? Did you know that a conviction for speeding or using a cell phone or other portable electronic device carries with it the assignment of points to your New York state driving record? There are important considerations that every New York driver should be aware of when charged with speeding and deciding whether or not to hire an experienced Greenburgh and White Plains traffic ticket lawyer to go to court and fight the ticket. Take a look at some common violations and the points that will be assessed:

Two point violations 

  • Failing to Signal
  • Disobeying a traffic control device
  • Improper turn

Three point violations 

  • Speeding (1 to 10mph over the posted speed limit)
  • Failing to yield the right of way
  • Disobeying a red light, Stop sign, or Yield signal

Five point violations

  • Using a cell phone without a hands free device
  • Texting or using another portable electronic device while driving
  • Failing to stop for a School Bus
  • Railroad crossing violation

Driver License Suspension

Your Driver License will be subject to suspension if you accumulate 11 points on your record in an 18 month period. Call and speak with our Clarkstown traffic ticket lawyer to find out what to do if you face a license suspension. 

Driver License Revocation

Unsafe driving carries with it risks, including the revocation of your New York State Driver License if you:

  • Have three speeding convictions in 18 months – the time period is based upon the dates of violation – not the dates of conviction 
  • Have three violations in three years for passing a school bus

Our traffic ticket defense lawyers are ready to help you in the defense on a Westchester County ticket or Rockland County speeding ticket. We handle these cases in a cost-effective basis. We will fight hard to protect you. Call us today at 914.946.2500 to speak with one of our attorneys. 

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