• I highly recommend this law firm! I did shop around and, surprisingly, other firms that service this area were quick to take retainers and slow to action. Michael Greenspan was extremely personable, knowledgeable, and effective. He not only got the job done swiftly, he exceeded my expectations!
    Be sure to also check out this firm’s reviews on Google My Business! Top-notch!
    – Kay R.
  • Thank you for the utmost care consideration you offered me. You’re personal touch and professionalism is astounding. You made me feel well cared for and I would certainly offer any family or friend in need of counsel that my best advice would be contacting you. I certainly appreciate your additional follow-up and thought that added contact was above and beyond what I expected.
    – Jonathan C.
  • From top-down, the Greenspans have a great firm: accessible, knowledgeable and relentless, which is why we continue to recommend Greenspan and Greenspan.
    – Steven Secon
  • Hardest working legal team in the business! I’m proud to call them “MY LEGAL TEAM”
    – Dominick Sammarone
  • Amazing lawyers!
    – Randi Gilbert DeMinno
  • These guys mean business. They’re a class act.
    – Steven W Stutman
  • Greenspan & Greenspan is law firm that helped me to be successful in my legal case.
    I thank Michael Greenspan and his staff for they were very friendly and even more importantly they were very honest people and for anyone dealing with legal cases this is the key, “honesty.”
    Michael Greenspan is a compassionate and caring guy who treats you like a real person, not just a case number. I appreciate all the hard work he put in my case.
    I was very impressed with him when I was in court to see the way he handled the witnesses. It was so exciting seeing that legal battle and the way he fought. The way he deposed his witness is impressive.
    He handled my case in a way that I didn’t expect it and there was a successful outcome at the end, I was so happy with the end result.
    After dealing with many attorneys Michael Greenspan was the right choice because of his great expertise. He impressed me so much that without a doubt I would use his services again.
    He conducted himself as a true professional. Anybody in need of an attorney can trust him that he would do a job well done.
    I highly recommend Michael Greenspan to my friends and relatives. If you need a lawyer, Michael Greenspan is the only choice. I was very comfortable to work with him and his staff. It was a pleasure to meet them.
    I was lucky to have him on my side. I would like to add Greenspan & Greenspan and staff all were very warm and friendly and they deal with you as a person in need in a time of hardship and make you feel at ease. They guide you throughout, so you do not have any surprises.
    – Luisa Ladika
  • My experience with Greenspan and Greenspan couldn’t have been any better. Not only is Mike a wonderful lawyer, he’s a great guy. He handled my mother’s case and did a fantastic job. He was professional and personal at the same time and took great care in seeing that my mother’s needs were met. He communicated with me every step of the way and I can’t imagine anyone doing a better job. I will recommend him to all my friends should they ever need an attorney.
    – Kevin Czerwinski
  • The greatest service ever, great help and will continue my patronage with Greenspan and Greenspan.
    I will recommend them to my family friends and coworkers. Thank you Mr. Mike Greenspan.
    – Arthur Martinez
  • Michael Greenspan is a phenomenal lawyer. Everything he helped me with was prompt and well executed. I contacted him on a Monday and by Thursday my issue was completely resolved.
    – Sabrina
  • I would always recommend Mr. Michael Greenspan and his firm, he’s very responsive n always keep in touch regarding the case, always provides the honest updates about the case and always good advices, which usually other lawyers don’t, some of the lawyers never wanna answer the call coz they know you need an update about your case, at the end I would say that I was lucky that I found him on google n tried my luck that if I could get an honest lawyer, n I did n I’m 100% satisfied with the result , that’s why I’m here today to write the positive review about him, n I wish my review could help others.
    – Atif
  • I want to thank you and your staff for the support and dedication shown to me in my time of need. Not only did I have the right attorney, but also a compassionate and empathic person who was interested in me as well as my claim. Your strength and professional ability to make good judgments and quick decisions were always there to give me a helping hand. You have that rare combination of qualities that is hard to find these days – the ability to excel on a professional level and instill total trust in your clients and the ability to make your clients feel comfortable, while maintaining their privacy and dignity. I really appreciate all the work you have done and I highly recommend Michael Greenspan, Esq and the staff.
    – John C
  • My experience with Greenspan & Greenspan was wonderful , they treated me like family and they also taught me about the facts i needed to know about my case so i had a complete understanding of whats going on. We also had practice runs before trial so that i was fully prepared. They dont mind me calling if i have any more questions even after my case was closed.
    – Mar Life
  • I used Mike twice- for my business and for a personal injury case. In both instances, Mike’s work exceeded my expectations and matters were resolved favorably. He was great to work with. I highly recommend him! (Frank Petrullo)
    – Jean Hamerman
  • I could not be more pleased with the outcome of my case and the experience I had with Greenspan and Greenspan. 100% professional throughout.
    Michael, thank you again for everything! You returned the query that I posted on your website the next day, and the following day we met in person. From that point on, you took care of me every step of the way- with great advice and calm reassurance, to impressive results that were only possible due to your experience. My calls were always received when I had questions, and you had complete command of the many details throughout the case.
    This time in my life has been very difficult and I will never forget what I learned, but I’m very aware of how much worse off I would have been without your expert help…. I just cannot thank you enough.
    – Nils W.
  • Our experience with Michael Greenspan exceeded our expectations. He is extremely thorough and professional. One characteristic we particularly appreciated was his confidence…he covers all angles and made us feel that no matter what came up, he was well prepared. He kept us well informed throughout the process and followed through with what he said he would do, when he said he would do it! Michael is very personable…we felt like we had a friend representing us!
    – Janet Jilka
  • Michael successfully guided me through a process that made me supremely uncomfortable. He is truly professional and offered the advice and representation that I needed, in spite of my desire to bury my head in the sand. I highly recommend his services to anyone looking for a professional and knowledgeable lawyer who will tell you what you need to do and walk you through the process.
  • Working with Michael was a great experience. He was very dedicated to my case, devoting his time, attention, patience, and knowledge completely. He was easy to keep in touch with and handled my questions very well. He has been my lawyer on two occasions and I have been greatly satisfied with his service and the results both times.
    – Darwin
  • If you are reading this, you are considering your options for legal representation. There is no one who can do a better job for you than Greenspan and Greenspan.
    They are client advocates every way and do outstanding work. They have been featured in many articles in NY and FL for getting amazing results for their clients. I do not work for them. I am not family. This is a business to business referral with the highest respect and admiration for the human beings that make up Greenspan & Greenspan.
    If an individual or an insurance company has done you wrong, don’t take it lying down, don’t get mad, Get Mike!
    – Robert B.
  • Greenspan & Greenspan is the law firm any business should have on its side. We have dealt with attorneys in the past but we never experienced such professionalism this law firm demonstrated. They are honest and very friendly. They took our case and took care all our taxes issues while kept us updated at all time, we never had to call them to find out about our legal issues.We would recommend Greenspan & Greenspan to anyone who is looking for reliable law firm. The are simply the best.– MB
  • Young, energetic, and the consummate legal professional. He settled our case with an insurance company that is known for digging it’s heels and fighting for every inch. It met its match when mike took our case. He settled our case in a manner that I was completely satisfied with. If your looking for a lawyer that knows his stuff, honest and will fight for you , Mike Greenspan is your man. oh, he’s real courteous and caring
    – Carmen Tapia
  • I was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident and sustained severe injuries. A close friend of mine who dealt with Mr. Greenspan and was very happy with his service referred me to him. Mike was very caring right from the beginning, making sure I’m recovering instead of worrying about my case. He is very friendly and the most patient and caring lawyer I’ve ever met. I was always informed where the case was going and advised about every detail. The insurance company had initially offered me a settlement which I was hesitant to accept. During that time, Mike won another few cases in court for other clients and that prompted the insurance company to offer me a significantly higher settlement. I am highly satisfied with the outcome and strongly advise anyone with a potential personal injury claim to speak with him.
    – Mendel
  • I was involved in a motor vehicle accident in which I got injured. I contacted Green span and Greenspan and they were very courteous and supportive through out the whole case duration. I am pleased with the service I got and if some one wants the best representation then Greenspan is the one to choose.
  • I truly can’t thank Michael Greenspan and everyone at Greenspan & Greenspan enough for working so diligently to get us the best possible settlement after my car accident. For me, it was always about getting my life back, or at least getting as much of it back as possible. Mr. Greenspan understood that and never stopped doing all he could to help us. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    – Mike H.
  • I would highly, highly recommend Greenspan and Greenspan for your legal matters. Mike Greenspan was honest with me from the beginning of our working relationship. He told me what to expect and what was realistic in the outcome of my particular legal issue. He was a consummate professional throughout, showing integrity, respect and kindness, which can be rare to find these days. After previously working with a law firm that played games and didn’t take my legal issue seriously because it wasn’t a big money case, it was an absolute pleasure finding Mike Greenspan.
    – Ellen Margraff
  • I used Mike twice- for my business and for a personal injury case. In both instances, Mike’s work exceeded my expectations and matters were resolved favorably. He was great to work with. I highly recommend him! (Frank Petrullo)
    – Jean Hamerman
  • I was involved in a pedestrian accident two years ago–I was hit by a car while I was crossing the street in a crosswalk and suffered multiple fractures. Mike Greenspan was there for me from the beginning–patiently explaining everything that would happen in the course of the lawsuit and reassuring me when there were delays. I am very pleased with the settlement I have received, and would enthusiastically recommend Greenspan & Greenspan to anyone who needs a personal injury lawyer.
    – Rebecca P
  • Mr. Greenspan is an extremely good lawyer. He knows what he is talking about and does his best to help you in every way possible. He always answers e-mails and/or phone calls promptly. It was my first time ever needing a lawyer and I have never had any criminal charges and Mr. Greenspan helped me keep it that way. If I ever need a lawyer again in the future, which I hope I don’t, I will definitely contact Mr. Greenspan if I am still in the New York area. I had a different and semi-difficult case and he helped me the best he could and we got the best possible outcome from it! Thank you again!
    – Melissa
  • Mike Greenspan is an excellent and determined lawyer for his clients. He stands up for their right to a fair and thorough defense. I was lucky to have him as my lawyer because even though my case initially seemed bleak, he did not relent in giving me the best defense possible and he did not give in to the demands of the prosecution. He pushed them to prove their case in court. Fortunately for me, they could not beat him. If you are in trouble or need help with any legal proceeding where an attorney is necessary, I give Mike Greenspan the highest possible recommendation. He will fight for you and he won’t give in. When the other side thinks they have backed him into a corner is when he fights best.
  • Thanks for defending me with my DUI. You made a stressful situation much easier to get through. I really appreciate your professionalism and expertise. I would recommend you to anybody who needs a quality attorney! Thanks man!!
    – D.F.
  • These lawyers demonstrated to me the utmost in professionalism, courtesy, kindness, and RESULTS! I turned to them because of their positive reviews on Google, and so here’s mine! I was in jeopardy of losing my driver’s license, (I definitely would have), due to two speeding tickets. The first one I got prior to working with them and had a full 6 points on my license. So I came to them, knowing that the second speeding ticket would put me over the limit of points one can have on his/her license. They did all the work for me, went to court for me, and got my ticket reduced to NO points and a nominal fine! I would recommend them highly to anyone who needs a great lawyer! These guys are it!
    – Lane Dahlke
  • WOW! My speeding ticket was handled so well by Mike Greenspan and I didn’t even have to go to court! . No Points and a tiny fine – I highly recommend this friendly and effective law firm.
    – Vanessa Saunders
  • Michael Greenspan is amazing. It has been a pleasure having him as a trusted attorney for several cases over the past few years. He has also helped my family with other traffic violations. His latest victory was just as exceptional. I was caught going 29 miles per hour over the limit in a work zone that is never active. It is the one near the bridge that everyone always speeds past without slowing down. I pass it everyday on the way to work without much thought. I never noticed it till I was caught. I was more than happy when he was able to get a judgement without any points on my license. I had to pay a nominal fine and I definitely learned my lesson now. Hopefully I never have to use Mike again, but IF YOU EVER NEED LEGAL DEFENSE IN WESTCHESTER MIKE IS THE ONLY PERSON TO USE!
    – Elias A
  • I highly recommend Greenspan & Greenspan P.C. for all legal matters involving traffic violations and personal injury matters. My daughter received a ticket upstate NY and wanted to plead not guilty in order to possibly get the charge reduced. We live on Long Island and it would have been an inconvenience for her to have to appear and possibly miss college classes, so we hired Mike Greenspan to appear on her behalf. He made the process so easy for her! She didn’t have to appear in court at all, and the resolution was excellent! Dealing with Mike Greenspan and his office was a pleasure and I have already recommended him to a family friend who will also be retaining him. I am certain this law firm would handle all personal injury actions with the same courtesies and professionalism.
    – Linda Brown
  • I was faced with a double whammy of moving violations: daunting, time consuming, from my point of view unfair, and potentially disastrous. Michael handled the situation swiftly and professionally. The outcome was very favorable and his fee appropriate. I felt cared for, something rare these days. I highly recommend him.
    – Peter Zurkow
  • After 35+ years of safe driving I received two tickets concurrently; one for a stop sign and one for tailgating the car in front of me. I was rather unnerved and asked an attorney that I had dealt with in the past for advice; his recommendation was Michael Greenspan. The tickets were issued in August of last year and placed on the court docket for early January 2013.Within two hours of the hearing Michael called to tell me that the tickets were both dismissed. I was greatly relieved to have not incurred points on my license, the price of two tickets, and an increase in my car insurance premium.

    Thank you Michael Greenspan ~ you were absolutely the right attorney to represent my best interests.

  • Mike Greenspan is the best lawyer I ever had. I am not the most responsible driver and I have a terrible driving record. Needless to say, I have been in Traffic Court several times. I have only hired a lawyer twice because they never seemed to help me. All they did was add to my expenses. Therefore, I was hesitant to hire Mr. Greenspan at first. But I definitely needed some help with this latest incident. I received 3 violations in one stop. I was pulled over doing 80mph in a 45mph zone. Another ticket for passing on the right and the last one for unsafe lane changes. This was NOT GOOD AT ALL! With these 3 tickets, I was looking at 14 points from one incident! Mr. Greenspan went to court for me and I was astonished by the results that he achieved. All 3 tickets were dismissed, and replaced with 2 other minor traffic infractions. The penalty? 0 points, $195 fine and a court ordered driving safety course. I was so impressed that I have referred him to my family and friends with any chance I get. If you need a lawyer in New York, then Mr. Greenspan is the man. Don’t waste your time or money with anyone else.
  • Very personable, and very professional . . . went above and beyond to help me out during my traffic violation, through using his personal time and vehicle to help me get to court, to walking me through the procedures and outlining the case prior to trial. Thanks again!
  • I would highly recommend Michael Greenspan for assistance in dealing with traffic violations. Michael assisted me with the utmost professionalism.
    – J U.

Client Review

“Michael Greenspan is truly the best of the best. The counsel and guidance he has provided me through multiple legal matters have helped me tremendously. His expert level legal knowledge and decision making combined with his positive energy, enthusiasm, and genuine care for the safety of people and their families are what make him so unique.”
John Calarco
Client Review

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