Uber Accident Lawyer White Plains, NY 

Uber Accident Lawyer White Plains, NY

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Our Uber accident lawyer White Plains, NY accident victims recommend, knows that rideshare companies, like Uber, are incredibly convenient to use. However, despite this, car accidents are common and rideshares are not exempt from this risk. Going up against a ridesharing company after an accident can seem like a daunting process to initiate, which is why it’s in your best interest to speak with our team from Greenspan & Greenspan P.C. We can help with navigating the process from start to finish to determine who should be held liable, help gather strong evidence, and advise on the appropriate steps for initiating your legal claim. 

Determining Liability

While the responsible party may appear obvious at first, things can quickly become complicated. The events that unfold at the scene and over time can cause even the most straightforward car accident cases to become incredibly challenging and complex. This is especially true when insurance companies begin asking questions. When pursuing a successful claim against an Uber driver, determining who was responsible is sure to be at the forefront of your mind, and the following elements are essential to consider: 

  • Whether the Uber driver was the one who caused the accident
  • Whether there were other parties involved in the accident which contributed to the accident
  • Whether the Uber app was in use at the time the accident occurred

One critical component is ensuring that the ridesharing app was in use at the time of the accident. If it was not, Uber might not assume any responsibility for the accident. If injuries were sustained when the Uber app was on, they might cover some of the damages. However, if it was not, your ability to retain compensation may rely on the insurance company of the Uber driver. When recovering from injuries, the process of pursuing an accident claim can be cumbersome, especially when contending with multiple responsible parties. Fortunately, our White Plains New York, New York Uber accident lawyer is available to offer assistance. 

Build Your Case- Take Action

Debilitating injuries can be challenging to contend with. Not only might they result in lasting physical impairments, but there will also likely be a financial loss that results. While physical injuries can undoubtedly have an impact, taking the following steps is critical to reaching the best possible outcome for your case: 

  • DO NOT leave the accident scene; this could significantly impact your case
  • Gather as much information as you can, including: driver info, eyewitness info, photographs, and videos of the scene
  • Make sure that injuries are treated; if you do not believe you were injured, seek medical clearance from a provider
  • Save all information about the Uber trip, such as the receipt and information about the ride
  • Write down your personal account of the events that transpired

By taking the extra time to gather the above information, you have the best opportunity to receive an outcome that is in your favor. While an accident may initially appear reasonably straightforward, know that they are all different, especially when the accident involved an Uber driver. 

Do’s and Don’ts of Recovering From an Uber Accident

Don’t Ignore Your Lawyer

Your uber accident lawyer in White Plains, NY, is here to help you, so don’t ignore any letters, emails or phone calls they send your way. Often, they’re reaching out because they have important information or instructions regarding your case, so it’s in your best interest to respond as soon as possible.

Do Attend All Medical Appointments

Regularly consulting your doctor is a huge part of a successful recovery, and attending all of your appointments looks great on you and shows initiative on your part; both of these things can make a huge impact in winning your case. Be sure to go to all of your doctor’s appointments and try to reschedule if you’re unable to make it. Furthermore, let the professionals at Greenspan & Greenspan, PC know why you can’t go.

Don’t Go Back to Work Too Soon

Your body needs plenty of downtime to recover from an injury, so don’t go back to work until you’ve fully healed. Returning too soon can irritate injuries and ultimately prolong your downtime, which can keep you out of commission even longer. If you’re struggling without your regular paychecks from work, contact your uber accident lawyer in White Plans, NY, to learn about your options.

Do Get Plenty of Rest

After an injury, sleep is one of the best and most effective ways your body can heal itself — during your road to recovery, it’s important to get plenty of sleep. In fact, this is an excellent time to work on developing a healthy sleep/wake schedule; since the body does most of its self-repairs during REM sleep, getting plenty of rest can help you heal much faster.

Don’t Skip and Medications

Not unlike attending all of your appointments, taking all of your medications can help you make leaps and bounds in recovering more effectively. Follow your doctor’s instructions carefully regarding dosages and try not to skip any medications throughout the day. Of course, let your uber accident lawyer in White Plains, NY, know that you’re working hard to stay on top of it, as this can also help your case.

Do Reach Out For Help

No matter what your road to recovery is like, it’s okay to reach out for help. Don’t be afraid to ask for help with daily tasks from friends and family members, and get in touch with a therapist if you need more emotional support. Above all, remember to get in touch with Greenspan & Greenspan, PC if you need additional help with your case.

At the time of the accident, the thought of pursuing an accident claim may be far-off. However, by taking the above measures, you can make sure taking legal action proceeds with few complications. At Greenspan & Greenspan P.C., we have witnessed firsthand the challenges victims face after an Uber accident. Our team can help by managing your legal case during this incredibly challenging time. Schedule an appointment with our White Plains, NY Uber accident lawyer to get started!

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