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$6,520,000 recovery

A 26-year-old man was rendered quadriplegic and died eight months after being injured on a water trampoline that was wrongly installed in shallow water at a resort in Negril, Jamaica. We fought this battle for several years in United States District Court bringing in experts from all over the country to fight the resort responsible for this tragedy. The case was resolved on the eve of trial. We then continued the battle all the way through the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals to prevent our client’s biological father who had abandoned our client at birth, from unjustly sharing in the recovery.

$1,400,000 recovery

An oil delivery man sustained neck and back injuries requiring spinal surgery when his truck drove over and partly into a poorly covered trench on a Manhattan street early on a winter morning. A federal judge granted our motion to hold the excavation company responsible for accident. The company settled, rather than facing us at trial.

$950,000 recovery

A woman and her elderly mother were seriously injured in an intersection collision in Westchester County requiring them to be hospitalized and undergo multiple surgical procedures. The defendant’s primary insurer paid out its entire insurance policy and a significant portion of its umbrella policy to settle the lawsuit.

$800,000 recovery

An elderly Bronx woman was struck by a truck near Yankee Stadium. Our client sustained multiple fractures and was confined to a nursing home for an extended period of time following the accident.

$750,000 recovery

A drunk driver crashed into our clients’ car on the Bear Mountain Parkway in northern Westchester County killing our clients’ mother and severely injuring our client who was driving. The drunk driver exited his vehicle following the collision and attempted to hide the beer that he was drinking. He never went over to attempt to aid our client and instead, sat on a rock attempting, but failing to light a cigarette while waiting for the police.

$500,000 recovery

A young woman sustained internal injuries after being run over and nearly killed by the driver of a large SUV who was fleeing the scene of a late-night crime on a rural road in Dutchess County. The case was prosecuted through verdict in federal district court in New York and pursued all of the way to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals on our client’s behalf.

$447,000 Recovery

Three Hispanic laborers were cheated by their employer and not paid prevailing wages for landscaping and similar work performed on city of New York projects. The employer’s company went out of business, but we were able to obtain payment in full of our client’s lost wages and interest from the employer’s insurance company.

$415,000 Recovery

A woman who was snorkeling sustained multiple fractures and disfiguring scars when she was struck by a boat. This was a very difficult case involving jurisdictional issues and liability issues that could very well have resulted in the dismissal of the case prior to trial.

$300,000 recovery

The full amount of the defendant’s insurance policy was paid over to our client to avoid a trial and compensate our client for the injuries he sustained when the defendant’s vehicle crossed over a double yellow line and collided with our client’s car in the upper Hudson Valley region of New York.

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Client Review

“Michael Greenspan is truly the best of the best. The counsel and guidance he has provided me through multiple legal matters have helped me tremendously. His expert level legal knowledge and decision making combined with his positive energy, enthusiasm, and genuine care for the safety of people and their families are what make him so unique.”
John Calarco
Client Review

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