As social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook become more popular, people continue to share personal information with others online. While these tools are great for networking and for leisure, they can cause significant problems for those who have been injured in car accidents, accidents on the job and accidents caused by negligence.

Understand Insurance Companies And Social Networking Sites

Insurance companies are becoming savvier at using these social networking sites and will find information that people post on public Facebook and Twitter profiles. In some cases, this information can be used to limit or deny payments. It is important to understand your rights, and at the law firm of Greenspan & Greenspan P.C., we can advise you on what to do and what not to do after an accident in New York. Contact us online today.

A person who is caught faking an injury deserves to be exposed. For people who are truly injured, however, it is important to be careful about who they “friend” on social networking sites and to adjust privacy settings accordingly. Be forewarned: Defense lawyers are using Facebook and Twitter to try and “catch” injury victims, including asking courts for authorization to access profiles.

Be Careful Discussing Your Accident And Injuries On Facebook And Twitter

Just as it is wise not to discuss your accident or injuries in depth with the insurance company before talking with a lawyer, it is also important to use common sense when posting updates on Facebook or Twitter.

Even a comment as simple as “feeling better, going to work out today” could give an insurance company justification to deny further benefits or to offer a reduced settlement amount following an accident. Posting pictures that include athletic activities, having friends tag you in posts about your recovery and other information about your accident are all examples of things that may limit your ability to get benefits.

Insurance companies could also use this information in court, trying to embarrass you or prove that you do not deserve benefits.

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