The Traffic Stop


Just as an arrest needs to be supported by a probable cause, a traffic stop needs to be supported by a police officer’s reasonable suspicion of wrongdoing. In a DWI case, the arresting officer needs to be able to state just what observations led to the suspicion of drunk driving. It will be up to the judge in a close case to decide whether that suspicion was reasonable.

An Attorney’s Analysis Of Westchester Or Rockland Traffic Stops

The defense attorneys of Greenspan & Greenspan P.C. have the experience with New York DWI defense necessary to help them spot the signs of unlawful traffic stops based on the officer’s lack of reasonable suspicion. If we can show that the officer had no legal right to stop your vehicle, we will have a good chance at dismissal of the case or a significantly reduced charge.

DWI traffic stop in Westchester County? Contact us in White Plains or New City to tell our lawyers just what happened before you were arrested for DWI.

An officer has no business stopping you for no reason at all. One of the surest ways to resolve a DWI arrest on favorable terms is to show that the officer had no reasonable suspicion that could support a decision to pull you over, but in most cases, it is not easy to make this showing. Nevertheless, the reasonable suspicion issue is one of the first things an experienced lawyer looks at in exploring your defense options.

Defense Lawyers For DWI Based On Field Sobriety Evidence

Field sobriety testing is the practice of asking a DWI suspect to walk along a line, count backward, follow a flashlight with his or her eyes, or perform other tasks to develop a rough sense of his or her state of sobriety or intoxication.

In New York, field sobriety tests serve two law enforcement objectives: first, to see whether there is probable cause to arrest the suspect for drunk driving; and second, to develop evidence of intoxication to use against the defendant on a DWAI charge, which does not depend on a specific blood alcohol level for conviction.

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Even if the traffic stop stands up to our challenge, there still might be a question as to whether there was probable cause to support the arrest. To learn how skilled New York state defense attorneys analyze the facts behind traffic stops and DWI arrests in Westchester and Rockland counties, contact Greenspan & Greenspan P.C. in White Plains or New City.

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