Holidays have an unfortunate correlation with increased cases of DWI.

With Thanksgiving almost upon us, it is important to remember that too many people lose sight of the meaning of this day that Americans of all faiths can celebrate and instead use this time to drink to excess at bars, restaurants or parties.

Fortunately, State and Local police will be out on the roadways this week and throughout the holiday season in an effort to crack down on drunk driving and drugged driving.

Stop DWI

Nevertheless, law enforcement can only do so much to protect us.  Please try to avoid driving late at night as encounters with drivers who are too drunk or distracted to care will be on the roads with you. You do not want to encounter such a driver on a dark road late at night and become another in the long line of victims who have sustained serious injuries or worse.

Best wishes for a Happy (and safe) Thanksgiving to all of our readers and their families!