Tickets are a fact of life for drivers. Sooner or later, even the most careful driver will be on the receiving end of a “Uniform Traffic Ticket” charging the driver with speeding or another moving violation. Drivers on the Garden State Parkway extension in Rockland County have seen the police actively enforcing the speed limit and issuing summonses to appear in Chestnut Ridge Village Court So, why should you hire a speeding ticket or cell phone ticket charge in this court? Without an attorney…

  • You have to appear in person on the date of your pretrial conference and again at trial on a subsequent date if the case does not resolve
  • This requires you to travel to Chestnut Ridge and potentially miss work or family obligations in order to appear on time – Judge Suarez runs a tight ship and does not tolerate tardiness.
  • You will have to wait in line to speak with the prosecutor
  • You will have to wait again for your case to be called in the courtroom
  • Will you know what the best possible disposition that can be achieved on your case?
  • Will you be able to avoid having a driver responsibility assessment imposed upon you as a result of having a certain amount of points on your license?

There are advantages to hiring an attorney

  • Attorneys are able to go to the front of the line to have a conference with the Town Prosecutor
  • We know the plea bargaining limitations and what can be accomplished at a pretrial conference
  • We have experience negotiating speeding tickets, cell phone violations and other such offenses.
  • You get to stay home and never appear in court if the case resolves at the pretrial conference.