It is crucial to have good hygiene and safety practices during the coronavirus pandemic. Although this will not guarantee that no person in your establishment will get sick, it can lessen the impact on the coronavirus at your business. You should contact a Coronavirus (COVID-19) Decontamination and Disposal Services, like the services of Nielsen Environmental, as soon as possible to get everything set up. In the meantime, here are some practices that you should do between cleaning and get into the habit of doing, moving forward.

Disinfecting High-Touch Surfaces

Even before the pandemic you should have been cleaning high-touch surfaces at your establishment. Not only does this keep everything clean, but it also lessens the chance of viruses living on surfaces. Before the pandemic it could prevent the spread of the flu and other viruses. Now, with COVID-19 being so contagious, you can slow the spread by disinfecting surfaces with something that will kill any part of the virus that is living on the surface.

Encouraging The Use Of Masks

Another way to lessen the effects of COVID on your establishment is by having people who enter wear face coverings. The CDC is recommending, once again, that both vaccinated and unvaccinated people wear masks in public places. It will not completely protect people from getting sick, but will slow the spread. Surgical masks and N95 masks are recommended, but anything is better than nothing. You can offer complimentary masks to customers and your employees if you feel that this will help, or you can put signs on the outside of your building to encourage or require the wearing of masks while inside.

Get Routine Care

By hiring a good COVID-19 decontamination and disposal service to clean your establishment, you are making it a safer place for everyone to be in. Unfortunately, the pandemic is not going anywhere anytime soon. Even with the rise of vaccination status and protocols to make people safer, we are still in the midst of a pandemic. This means that it is important to learn how to live with this new life. It is crucial to have safe practices in place so that everyone can feel comfortable and at ease when they come to visit your establishment. This is something everyone is looking for when choosing where to take their business during the pandemic. By hiring professionals to take care of sanitizing everything, you can truly assure your customers that you are doing your absolute best to keep them and your employees safe. Reach out to a decontamination and disposal service today to learn more and to find a plan that will work for you.