Over 40 percent of Americans now use ride sharing apps, such as Uber or Lyft. Ride sharing apps provide around 6.5 million rides per day to people around the United States. However, with more people on the road, more accidents are happening. A study by the University of Chicago found Uber and Lyft have increased traffic fatalities by 2 to 3 percent nationwide. As more people continue to download the ride sharing apps, researchers fear this number will continue to increase at a rapid rate. What are the reasons for this? Because Americans can now catch an inexpensive ride with Uber or Lyft, people are foregoing walking, riding their bikes and taking trains or subways. As a result, American cities are becoming congested with ride sharing traffic, and the likelihood of car accidents significantly increases. Cities with the most Uber and Lyft usage have seen almost 6 billion more miles on their roads each year, which provides plenty of opportunities for motor vehicle accidents to occur. Additionally, Uber and Lyft drivers have much less training that other taxi or commercial drivers. Ride sharing apps pride themselves on how easy it is to become an employee. Additionally, these drivers do not have strict restrictions on the amount of time they can drive each day, and they can become extremely drowsy as the night goes on. Who are the people most at risk? Uber and Lyft drivers spend the majority of their time circling around to find riders. As a result, cities with high ride sharing usage saw more pedestrian and bike fatalities, as well as more accidents at night when it is harder to see people on the road. While it is not shocking that there are more ride sharing-related fatalities on weekends, some researchers argue that ride sharing has not actually brought drunk driving deaths down. Because ride sharing is a more recent concept, receiving compensation for an Uber of Lyft injury can be complicated. Does the driver or the ride share company pay, if the driver hits you? Will you have to pay, if you suffer an injury while riding? These questions can be complex. Before you request your next ride, it might be helpful to research your rights and speak to a trusted car accident and personal injury attorney in your area.