Traffic Tickets are a fact of life. Most of us will receive one sooner or later.

No matter how safe you are as a driver, and how careful you may usually be behind the wheel, it never fails that the one time that you are not paying attention or that you are running late, is the time that the red and blue lights seem to magically appear in your rear view mirror.

If you are driving along the Palisades Parkway in Stony Point, New York,

it will be a New York State trooper or a NYS Park police officer who will walk up to your window and inevitably ask:

“Do you know why I stopped you?”

This conversation seldom ends well and usually results in what CB radio enthusiasts (yes we are dating ourselves with that reference) referred to as a “love letter” – a traffic ticket charging you with violating Vehicle & Traffic Law 1180[b], also known as speeding.

A violation of VTL 1180[b] by a New York driver’s license holder will result in the imposition of three (3) to as much as eleven (11) points on your license depending upon how fast you were traveling.

  • If you are convicted of driving between 21 mph and 29 mph over the posted speed limit, you will have the “privilege” of paying a $100 driver responsibility assessment for each of the next three years.
  • The amount of the assessment goes up $25.00 for each point over six that is assessed from a conviction.
  • The assessment is separate and apart from any fines and surcharges that are imposed as a result of a conviction for speeding.

So why hire a lawyer?

Stony Point Justice Court conducts traffic court only on certain days and as a result, there is usually a large number of cases that are put on the calendar each court session. The first appearance will be for a pretrial conference. If the case does not resolve at the conference, the court will adjourn it for trial at a later date.

If you try to fight the ticket on your own, you can look forward to spending the better part of an afternoon traveling to and from court and waiting for your case to be heard.

The first cases to be called once court is in session are the cases where an attorney is representing the motorist. Everyone else has to wait their turn.

We spare you this tremendous drain on your time because we appear in court for you. There is no sitting around waiting wondering when or if you can get back to work. You don’t have to worry about the weather or traffic in getting to and from court. We go to court and you go to work.

A traffic ticket can be negotiated.

The town prosecutor in Stony Point will conference the case with us. We negotiate with the prosecutor to get the charge reduced. Our goal is to persuade the prosecutor to offer and the judge to accept a reduction to a non-speeding offense. The judge will then give a reasonable time to permit you to pay any fine that is imposed.

We put our experience to work to obtain the best possible outcome for you. Have you received a speeding ticket in Stony Point? Please give us a call and we would be happy to discuss how we can be of service to you.