Another car accident case to trial in Westchester County and once again, has obtained a verdict in favor of our firm’s injured client. We represented an 83 year old man who was injured in an intersection collision in 2014 while a sitting in the front passenger seat of his wife’s Chevy Malibu. A person driving a 2006 Mercury crashed into the right rear wheel and door of the Malibu as the Malibu was nearly through the intersection and off of the Bronx River Parkway where the car accident occurred in Eastchester. BRP Southbound view.pdf The damage to the Malibu was severe.  The impact spun the Malibu around 180 degrees and wrecked the other vehicle. Our elderly client was taken to the hospital with multiple injuries. The consequences of these injuries are still being felt today. The Mercury’s insurance company refused to accept responsibility and commenced a lawsuit against our client’s wife, claiming that she was solely responsible for the accident. That same insurance company refused to negotiate in good faith. The insurer’s representative boasted that our client’s claim wasn’t even worth (a small amount of money). We were left with no alternative but to aggressively pursue a lawsuit against the driver of the Mercury. The lawsuit was commenced at the end of July 2014 and went to trial in January 2016. This is a very short time frame for a personal injury case to go from commencement to trial in Westchester County. At trial, we introduced evidence in the form of photographs of the two vehicles as well as the intersection to establish that the collision could not possibly have occurred as described by the defendant driver of the Mercury. A verdict was rendered determining that the defendant driver was primarily responsible for causing the car accident. The total amount paid out to our client as a result was four times what the insurer’s representative said the case was not worth. If you are injured in one of the many car accidents that occur in Westchester County, it pays to have an experienced White Plains law firm on your side.