As a motorcyclist, you must be aware of the risks coming from all directions. A driver who is distracted by a phone could rear-end your bike at a red light when they don’t see that traffic has stopped. A driver who is speeding could run a red light and hit the side of your bike as you go through an intersection. However, most motorcycle crashes that involve two vehicles also involve the motorcycle being hit on the front. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration claimed that these head-on crashes made up a full 76% of the total in one study. It’s clear that this is, in many ways, the greatest risk.

How Do These Accidents Happen?

These crashes can happen in a few different ways. A driver could drift into your lane, for instance, because they’re not watching the road. They may not even see your bike until the last second. This often happens with texting-and-driving accidents. One of the main ways that a front-end crash happens is when a driver turns left in front of your motorcycle. They may not see the bike at all or they may mistakenly think they have room to turn when they do not. Either way, the front of your bike strikes the side of that car or truck as it turns. It’s not a head-on crash for them, but it is one of the most violent crashes a motorcyclist can ever encounter. It also happens so quickly that it’s virtually impossible to avoid.

What Can You Do?

New York law is interesting in that No-Fault laws apply to motor vehicles, but motorcycles are exempt from this. The law deliberately points out that bikes do not fall into the same category and therefore are not governed by the same rules. This can change the way that you seek compensation if you’re injured in the accident. As such, if you’ve never been in a major crash before, it’s absolutely critical that you know what options you have. Motorcyclists are far more likely to suffer severe injuries than those in traditional motor vehicles, and you need to understand what steps you can take to get what you deserve.