Personal Injury Lawyer for Dog Bite Attacks

A dog bite attack can be a terrifying experience, where people can get seriously hurt. Animals may attack for various reasons, whether that be because they are unsocialized or are guarding a home or person. Whatever the situation is, animal bites can lead to scarring, psychological injury, disfigurement, disabilities, and more. The same injuries an adult may sustain from a bite are exacerbated for children and the elderly.

Many states abide by a negligence standard, where dog owners are held responsible for allowing their dog to bite another. Other states have a strict liability standard, where owners are liable regardless of whether they had been negligent or not. Other laws specify that an owner is only liable if they knew their animal had a disposition and tendency towards aggressive behavior. Because the laws surrounding dog attacks are complicated, it can be difficult for someone without legal know-how to pursue compensation. For this reason, dog bite attack victims often seek help from a lawyer who handles personal injury cases.

Dog bites can easily cause severe injury, such as facial lacerations, puncture soft tissue wounds, internal injuries, scarring, rabies infection, emotional trauma, nerve damage, and more. It isn’t uncommon for victims to not only have physical injury, but mental anguish too. Maybe the victim had loved animals before the incident, and now finds they are fearful around them. When seeking compensation for a dog bite attack, it is important to consider all the ways that the victim’s life has been adversely affected.

Understand how scary a dog bite can be. The entire incident may have happened within the blink of an eye, and victims may not know what to do next. Getting medical attention and learning about whether the situation warrants a lawsuit is always strongly advised.