Sex Discrimination Lawyer

There are many types of sex discrimination that can occur in a workplace environment. As one of the ways in which workers can be discriminated against is when an employer treats a worker in a way that disadvantages them. This can come in various forms, and can make it much more difficult for the worker to do their job well and efficiently. Learn about some of the ways that employers can disadvantage workers based on their sex.

Changing Hours Or Schedule

If a worker suddenly finds that their hours have been reduced significantly or changed to a more inconvenient time for them, it can be a case of discrimination. An example is when a female worker who normally works a midday shift has their schedule switched to one in the late evening. If the female worker has children that they need to take care of in the evening, their new schedule will interfere with their ability to sufficiently care for their family.

Reducing Or Altering Job Functions

Sometimes an employer may decide to reduce a worker’s job functions for reasons tied to their sex or gender. An example is a male worker who wants to request paternity leave so that they can care for their newborn with his spouse. Their boss may decide to dramatically change his work duties or decide not to offer a promotion because they feel that the worker is more committed to his family than his job.

Failing To Provide Accessible Services

For some workers, an issue they may encounter in their workplace is a lack of accessible services. This can include being provided sufficient accommodations and the ability to use facilities such as restrooms which align with a worker’s gender identity. One example would be if a nonbinary worker is not allowed to use the restroom that they are comfortable using, which often results in a violation of the worker’s rights and privacy.

Failure To Address Complaints

When sexual harassment complaints are raised to an employer, failure to properly address the issue can also count as sex discrimination. If an employer does not take a complaint seriously and does nothing to resolve the matter, such as issue a warning, it can be grounds for mistreatment. Every worker has the right to have a harassment complaint investigated so that the appropriate action can be taken.

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