Yorktown Speeding Tickets

Yorktown.jpg Speeding tickets have been issued to drivers passing through Yorktown, New York in large numbers. Have you received one or more speeding ticket or any other traffic tickets in Yorktown, Yonkers or White Plains? If so, is it worth hiring a lawyer to fight the ticket? We have been successful in fighting traffic tickets issued to drivers who have been accused of speeding, driving while using a portable electronic device (texting). Hiring a traffic ticket defense lawyer
  • Saves you the trip to court (We go to court so you won’t have to)
  • Saves you the long wait for your case to be heard
  • Gives you a chance at having any available technical defense to the ticket raised and
  • A hard negotiator seeking to obtain a reduction to the lowest point offense that is available depending upon the circumstances.
Speeding tickets can result in 3, 4, 6 or more points assessed to your New York driver’s license depending upon how far over the speed limit the police officer accuses a driver of going. Don’t just sign the ticket and plead guilty. Know your rights and your options


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