Wrongful convictions are frustrating for several reasons as an innocent person. Imagine being in the wrong place at the wrong time, thus being placed behind bars for something you have not done. It is easy to lose trust in the justice system when you are not served justice in return. There are a few factors that will lead prosecutors, judges, and jurors to a wrongful conviction:

Why You Need A Good Attorney

The absolute worst reason to be wrongfully convicted would be due to a weak defense. When a criminal case is being built up against you, you are almost only as strong as your defense. As bad as it may seem, you get what you pay for. Public defenders do not cost you anything, and unfortunately, sometimes your defense weighs heavily on this factor. This is not to say the only good defense is a private attorney, because even a paid attorney can lack research and confidence and ultimately debunk your defense as a whole. No matter what odds are against you, poor defense will never benefit you in any criminal case.

How A Witness Account Can Affect Your Case

While a weak defense team is extreme, eyewitness testimony is the largest contributor to wrongful convictions. When someone has been identified at the scene of a crime or identified as a suspect during the submission of a crime, this is the leading cause necessary to file a conviction, even with lack of evidence. Memory and vision issues often contribute to a misled accusation. For this reason, it is also the number one reason for wrongful convictions.

Sometimes, with no witness testimony, suspects confess even if they are innocent. Out of fear, or even incriminating themselves accidentally due to their lack of understanding the law and not knowing what not to say or how to respond in interrogations, a person may believe they need to confess, even if they did not do anything wrong.

Testimonies That Affect Your Case

There are cases where someone, not exactly a witness, provides information to law enforcement or opposing counsel. People lie on others for their own gain, or personal vendetta. This evidence can be used against the wrong person for the wrong reasons.

You do not want to be on the wrong side of a wrongful conviction. Some cases are never overturned and the right criminal defense attorney can make all of the difference. However, if you or someone you know has been wrongfully convicted, speak to a skilled attorney as soon as possible so that justice can be served the way it should be. Contact a lawyer, like someone from The Lynch Law Group, today to learn more.